New to CubeGO? Here are some frequently asked

Can I do moderated testing with CubeGO?

Yes, you can (on Desktop testing, we are working on adding this capability to our apps)! All we ask is that while the participant is doing the task, do not speak to them. Let them do it in their natural state (not talking out loud). Once the task is complete, ask any questions you may have. During the test, you will be able to speak to the participant and see their screen.

What is CubeGO?

CubeGO is a consumer insights tool designed for studies in the field of User Experience, Customer Experience, and Advertising. CubeGO, remotely, through participants' phones and webcams, captures biometric data to allow you to understand your customer's true journeys. CubeGO tests analyze:
Facial Emotion
Eye Tracking

What Measurements does CubeGO Capture?

A CubeGO test remotely delivers the following insights: - Eye-tracking - Facial Emotion - Sound - Survey

Should CubeGO completely replace my moderated 1 on 1 user interviews?

No, biometric testing should not completely replace 1 on 1 interview. Our clients mix biometric testing and 1 on 1 interview testing to get a deeper analysis of the customer journey (system 1 and system 2). Allowing for richer insights in a shorter amount of time. When our customers want to test something quickly, CubeGO is a perfect option, as it allows for you to run a test, with no added hours of moderation, and significantly fewer hours of analysis.

How do I recruit participants for a test?

CubeGO has a built-in database of 50 million potential testers from all around the world. However, our ability to deliver your exact target client is not as good as using your panel, or using a company such as

Why study non-conscious responses?

95% of decisions are based on consumers' non-conscious responses. Quite simply, a customer cannot, and will not be able to tell you how they truly experienced your brand. Understanding how your customer's biometric or non-conscious responses allows for you to get the ground truth of how your client is being impacted by your offering.

What is Cube' background?

Cube was founded as a partnership with the Tech3lab from the Unitveristy of Montreal. Our academic background is very important to us and drives our values. Cube started as a patent holder of an in-lab testing technology that triangulated biometric data feeds (GSR, Facial emotion, Eye-tracking, and EEG). Covid, allowed us to focus on how to bring triangulation to remote testing.

Can CubeGO test on mobile phones?

Yes, CubeGO works on Android, iOS, and Desktop computers.