Faster Insights.

Richer Insights.

Increased R.O.I.

Actionable insights into consumers' true experiences. 

Faster Insights

Up to a 50% reduction in the time it takes to identify a user journey's points of interest. Allowing for more time fixing UX issues, rather than identifying them.

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Richer Insights

By combining conscious and non-conscious responses, insights generated in CubeGO tests are stronger. Leading to stronger outcomes. 


Increased R.O.I

When you have better insights, you can make stronger UI upgrades/changes, allowing for less redundant deployments. Less time building and more time converting, CubeGO UX testing helps ensure the customer is met with product design to move them forward, from the beginning.

Create a user test in under 5 minutes and reach 50 million potential testers

Design your study and launch in minutes

  1. Choose your targeted demographic​ demographic (globally)          

   2. What are we testing?

          - Mobile website

          - Mobile app

          - Desktop computer

          - Prototypes

   3. Enter test instructions

   4. Create survey questions

5. Launch to the world

The strongest insights come from combining conscious and non-conscious responses

Understand more than what consumers say and do. Get direct insights into how they feel while they use your product and access both their implicit and explicit response

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Webcams allow us to capture users' eye movements to understand where they are looking at any given time

CubeGO includes questionnaires and surveys that help you capture consumers' perceptions of your product

Through consumers' webcams, CubeGO captures facial micro-expressions and emotions as they occur