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Unlock the Secret Behind Every Blink, Glance,and Emotion in Your Customer's Journey.

Revolutionize your digital approach with CubeGO and witness unprecedented insights - Try it for free today.

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Understanding the Digital Disconnect

In a world where virtual interactions dominate, understanding the subtle nuances of your user's online journey is crucial. 

Companies often find themselves at odds, wondering why customers drop off, or why a perfectly designed product page doesn't convert. 


The challenge?


Bridging the gap between what users say and what they truly feel and do.

CubeGO: Your Digital Insight Partner

Move beyond metrics and dive deep into the emotional and visual journey of your users. 


CubeGO is designed specifically for high-stake sectors like banking, e-commerce, insurance, and travel - where user experience is paramount. 

Benefits include:

  • Decoding the Silent Feedback: Emotions speak louder than words. CubeGO captures them as they unfold.

  • Redefining User Focus: Know precisely where your users look, enabling optimal content placement.

  • Empowering UX Research: Pair traditional survey responses with hard-to-capture emotion and eye-tracking data for in-depth understanding.

CubeGO Features

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Your users' eyes don't lie. In an online landscape where seconds matter, understanding exactly where your audience's gaze rests can be the difference between conversion and abandonment. With CubeGO's advanced eye-tracking, you can create engaging content that users can't resist.

Thanks! We will contact you within thenext 24 hours with your free trial

Dive Deeper into the Digital Experience

With CubeGO, you're not just collecting data - you're gathering stories, emotions, and precise moments that shape a customer's online journey.

Test CubeGO for free. No credit card required.

Thanks! We will contact you within thenext 24 hours with your free trial

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