The science of connecting

CubeGO is a division of Cube Human Experience (HX) Inc. Our goal is to deliver, to our clients,
the richest understanding of their customer experience's. We provide remote testing through our SaaS platform CubeGO and in-lab testing services through our patented technology solution CubeHX.



Data and security

What are the terms and conditions?

CubeGO captures eye-tracking and emotional data using your phone's frontal camera. For this, your face must be visible at all times and your posture must be held constant during the test. The CubeGO app provides instructions on how to achieve this. Payment in exchange of participation in a test is conditional on following the in-app instructions. If the quality of your videos is compromised because instructions were not followed, you may not get paid.

Please be aware that you only have one shot at completing any given test, and you may not submit new videos if something goes wrong. This means that you should only start a test if you know that you have a stable Internet connection, are unlikely to be interrupted, and are able to follow the instructions. How to ensure that you receive payment:

  • Follow the posture, lighting, and other instructions provided before the test begins and maintain them for the duration of the test
  • Complete the calibration sequence
  • Finish the task and answer all the questions
  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection
  • Wait until the videos are done uploading before you quit or uninstall the app
Reasons why you may not receive payment:
  • You did not follow the posture or lighting instructions (your face is off-center, in the dark, or moving too much)
  • You did not complete the calibration sequence
  • You quit the app before the test was over
  • Your internet connection was lost during the test or during the video upload
  • You quit or uninstalled the app before the videos were done uploading

What does CubeGO have access to?

CubeGO will ask permission to access your phone's frontal camera. It will also ask permission to record your phone screen. Additionally, on Android phones, CubeGO will ask for permission to stay on top of your other apps and to write files onto your folders. The access to your frontal camera and screen recording must be granted each time you wish to start a test. CubeGO cannot record your face or your screen without your permission. CubeGO also cannot record if it is not running. If CubeGO quits or crashes during a test, recordings stop automatically.

What happens to my data?

CubeGO records a video of your screen and a video of your face. These videos are then uploaded onto our servers. Videos of your face are not retained on our servers and are not shared with partners (i.e., CubeGO clients). Instead, we use your face video to extract emotions, and then plot them onto your screen video. Once the information has been extracted from your face video, your face video gets destroyed from our servers. Videos of your screen may be shared with third-parties. For this reason, we encourage you to follow the instructions preceding each test to anonymize your phone screen. If any personal information should appear on your phone screen during a test, this information will be blurred or otherwise censored prior to sharing your screen video.

What does it measure?

CubeGO captures your gaze and your emotions using your phone’s frontal camera. This is done to understand where you are looking and how you are feeling while you interact with websites and apps. Aside from your gaze and facial emotions, CubeGO also captures what happens on your screen during a test. and asks you questions before and after a test to capture your opinion. When a test is completed, CubeGO uploads a video of your screen and a video of your face to our servers. Videos of your face are used to extract emotions and are then destroyed. Then, your data are analyzed to understand what was happening as the experience unfolded, second by second. User experience professionals, designers, and developers use this information to understand how to improve their apps, websites, and other digital products. Aside from this, they get direct feedback from you, the user, on the experience they created.

Is it secure?

Yes. CubeGO records your phone's screen and your face for the duration of a test and then sends the recordings over to securized servers. All of your data is anonymized and none of it is shared in its raw format with any third parties. CubeGO does not have access to any data stored on your phone; it only has access to write data onto your phone.