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CubeGO' Privacy Policy


Updated Jan 31, 2021

At CubeGO, we take your privacy seriously. The following privacy policy explains the personal data that CubeGO, CubeHX, and group of companies (collectively referred to as “Cube”, “the Company”, “we”, “our”, and “us”) uses. The policy also describes how your personal data is processed and for what purposes.


Highlight of Main Points


This policy describes when we utilize Personal Data for our justifiable business purposes. For more on how to access and manage your data, please see the “Controlling your data” section.


We never sell your data.


We will, at times, transmit data across different countries including Canada, the US, and other countries. If it applies, we uphold the unmodified EU Standard Contractual Clauses for Processors (as defined in the GDPR) pursuant to the European Commission Decision of 5 February 2010.


We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) and other applicable European Union (“EU”) privacy laws. If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (“EEA”), please see the GDPR Notice that applies to you.


We comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”). If you are a resident of California, please see the CCPA Notice that applies to you.


Who is Cube?


Cube allows businesses to seek feedback (“Tests”) on any brand, design, content, process, or current or potential offering and persons to take part in such Tests (“Participants”) to perform and record Tests. In doing so, Cube collects, records, and analyzes data about Participants, which may include individually identifiable information that would allow the Company to determine the specific identity of or contact information of a particular person, billing information, account settings, and other personal data.


Who is the data controller?


There are certain protection and privacy laws (such as the GDPR), which make a distinction between “controllers” and “processors” of personal information. A “controller” would decide how and why to process personal information. A “processor” instead processed personal information on behalf of a controller based on their instructions.


For Participants, Cube is the controller of the personal information collected from you by the Company, except for the information collected by our Clients through a Test.

For Clients, you are the controller of the data collected for us to provide you with access to our Services, except for the IP address you use for access to the service, which we control.


How data is collected and used


As a Participant or Client, we collect personal data both directly and indirectly via use of automated technology or third parties. In order to remain accurate and precise to provide most relevant data and deliverables, we can combine information that which you provide with information from third-parties, in accordance with applicable laws.


Cube uses personal data for justifiable business purposes, including the following:

  • To allow you access to register as a Participant

  • To provide deliverables to our Clients (including Participant recordings)

  • To improve user experience with our services

  • To keep proper records as required by law for financial purposes and taxation

  • To understand technical functionality of our systems and to develop new products or services and to critically examine your use of our service

  • To communicate with you

  • To provide client support

  • To spot fraud, illegal activities, or security breaches

  • To make or receive payments or remunerations

  • To provide information when necessary, to regulatory bod

Cube: Research and Development and your data


Cube software is constantly upgrading itself through extensive research into human behavior. As such, your data may also (along with its commercial component) be used for research into advancing the field of remote biometric research. This research is done with the highest standards of privacy and scientific validation towards the research process.

Data provided by or collected from our Participants (“Participant Data”)




A Participant taking part in a Test is recorded. Your activities, including any or all of the following: voice recordings, screen content, face recordings, screen recordings, browser content, screen interactions including mouse movement and clicking, text input, device configurations, and any background audio or video content (“Recordings”)

IP rights in the Recordings are assigned by Participant to Cube under the terms of the Participant Terms of Service in consideration for Participant’s use of the platform and services. Face recordings are owned by and controlled by the Client or Cube, as needed.


Cube uses Recordings to provide analysis to Clients, to market its own product/service, to protect against fraud, to improve our service, and for other justifiable business purposes.

What do we do with Face Recordings


Emotional Response Analysis


Cube will use the video recording of you face to infer emotional states (happiness, surprised, anger, fear, and disgust, negative valence, and positive valence) that you are experiencing during the journey. This video will be accessible to our end customer (likely the website owner of the task you are doing) so that they can also see any insights that they can have, of your journey on their website, through qualitative means.




Cube also uses the front facing camera to process your eye-movement so that we can display a visual representation to our customers of your eye-movement on their website. This allows for our customers to understand how consumers are reacting to certain parts of their design and if they are seeing items such as buttons. This data is represented to our customers as a moving circle around the screen that is mean to be an AI generated understanding of where you are looking.


It is possible in the future we will analyze your data for other biometric responses that allow our clients to get a better understanding of customers. These include may, blink rate, heart rate, breath rate and other responses available through this technology.


Email Addresses


Your email address is necessary for us to provide you with final payment upon successful completion of the test. We also allow our end client to see your email information during the review process of the test, in case they would like to reach out to you for future testing.


Privacy and Minors


Cube does not accept Minors (children aged 17 and under) as Participants nor does it accept mandates for analysis of Child related products and services.


Data provided by Clients


While Clients use our service, their employees are sometimes asked to enter information such as name and contact details, including email address, address, telephone, or other personal data.

Client Data is used by Cube to identify each Client and provide them services, to bill Clients, and to meet Cube’s contractual obligations. This data is also used to improve our offerings and to provide Clients with notices about those improvements and for other justifiable business purposes.

It remains the Client’s obligation to make certain that collection and processing of Recordings from a mandated Test are handled in accordance with applicable laws.


Indirect collected Personal Data



Information from 3rd parties


Cube collects personal data and other data from 3rd parties who provide databases of potential Clients which includes their contact information, if such potential Clients consent to those 3rd parties sharing their information with us. The use of this information is limited to our marketing purposes.




Cookies and other technologies are used to track the use of our website and apps.

Visitors to Cube’s website can choose to accept or decline cookies which are not strictly necessary. General practice is that web browsers automatically accept cookies however indivuals can normally modify browser settings to decline cookies.


“Do Not Track”


Cube’s site and services may not respond to Do Not Track signals.

When you communicate, we collect

If you communicate with Cube directly, we will collect any personal data contained in those communications.


Sharing Personal Data


Cube gives personal data to our 3rd party agents or service providers who are mandated to perform services on our behalf. They may support certain functions and in some cases collect information directly. Some instances of use of 3rd party service providers include:


Hosting and content delivery network services, such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Unless explicitly requested to the contrary, we do not directly collect your payment information and do not store it. We use a 3rd party payment processor, such as PayPal, which collects payment information on our behalf in order to complete transactions, such as to pay Participants. Cube administrators have viewing and tracking capability of actual transactions via the chosen 3rd party payment processor, with the exception of the last 4 digits of your credit card, card type, postal code, and expiry date, we do not have access to your credit card information.


Legal Obligations and Security

There are limited circumstances under which Cube will keep or share your Personal Data which may include: if you have provided consent, if it is required by law, to protect the safety of any person, to protect safety of our services, to curtail malicious activity, to protect our rights, or property of those using our services.

If in accordance with the law we become required to disclose personal data (pursuant to subpoena, warrant, or other court order) we will comply with such legal mandates.


Should Cube be made aware that there is an impending emergency including the potential death or severe physical injury to a person, we will provide information to law enforcement in an effort to prevent such peril.


Storing your Data


Data Retention

Cube retains your personal data as per your instructions, including those in the applicable terms of service consented to by you. We may also maintain your personal data if there is a justifiable business reason to do so. It must be maintained for the establishment or defense of legal claims (“litigation hold”). In such circumstances, it will only be maintained as long as required for this purpose.


We determine the appropriate retention period for personal data based on the amount, the nature and sensitivity, reasons for collecting, and applicable legal requirements.

If you have specific questions about this, please contact us directly.




We may delete Personal Data one year after the conclusion of our business relationship, depending on our document retention policies and practices. If no continued justifiable business purpose persists for processing your personal data, we will choose to either delete or anonymize it. Noting that if anonymized, deletion may become impossible however it will no longer be able to be combined with other data to identify you.

If you ask Cube to delete particular personal data of your own, we will comply either via deletion or anonymization unless doing so would prevent us from carrying out specific justifiable business functions.

In the event we do erase your data, per your request, we will ask for reimbursement of amount paid from you to have participated in this test.


Controlling your Data


Clients and Participants who seek access to or correction of personal data for which Cube acts as Data Controller, should contact Cube directly. If Cube acts as the data processor, then you should contact the data controller.

Keeping Data Safe


Cube is committed to enforcing this privacy policy.



Cube does not guarantee the security of information provided to the Company. Information provided is at the risk of the provider. Cube will make reasonable efforts to ensure the security of data in our possession.

Information is kept on our servers and those of 3rd parties hired to provide storage services to us.


Cube employs the necessary services and infrastructure to safeguard the information we collect and process. By providing personal data to Cube, you agree to electronic communication between us regarding security, and privacy.


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